Over the moon …

Terrier Special Show in Paaren/Glien … last time for our swedish leprechaun Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi in the Junior class

★ EXC1 Jun.CAC VDH & KfT
★ Junior BOB
★ BOB (adult)
★ Best Long legged Terrier
★ Best in Show (from all groups)

Last but not least Paparazzi has passed the breeding exam (with mental test) with excellent and got his breeding license.

Thank you very much to the judges Sissi Dollmann (A), Dr. Zsuzsanna Vaczi-Balogh (H) and Peter Haranyi (H) for judging my little crazy guy and let him go soooo far. Also a big thank you to the judge Bärbel von Kralik for her lovely words today during the breeding exam. Couldn´t be more proud!

As I promised you my lovely Buma we showed our hearts out … This show was only for you!