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✞ Buma took his last journey ✞

2015 Posted on Wed, November 25, 2015 00:18:41


✞ Buma took his last journey into a better dimension … ✞ 25/03/2004 – 23/11/2015

This evening I had to make the gut wrenching decision to lead my dearest Buma to the rainbow bridge. With him I have fulfilled my greatest dream … my very first own dog. Tonight I chose to kiss him goodnight and guide him to the place where he was happy and free of pain again. He was miserable, yet so willing to give him kisses freely. He was so perfect and I’m heart broken.
This night, the sky gained a shining star and my heart broke into a million pieces. Rest in Peace Buma … Mommy loves you ♡♡♡

Paarener Terrier Special Show

2015 Posted on Sun, November 22, 2015 01:00:00


Over the moon …

Terrier Special Show in Paaren/Glien … last time for our swedish leprechaun Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi in the Junior class

★ EXC1 Jun.CAC VDH & KfT
★ Junior BOB
★ BOB (adult)
★ Best Long legged Terrier
★ Best in Show (from all groups)

Last but not least Paparazzi has passed the breeding exam (with mental test) with excellent and got his breeding license.

Thank you very much to the judges Sissi Dollmann (A), Dr. Zsuzsanna Vaczi-Balogh (H) and Peter Haranyi (H) for judging my little crazy guy and let him go soooo far. Also a big thank you to the judge Bärbel von Kralik for her lovely words today during the breeding exam. Couldn´t be more proud!

As I promised you my lovely Buma we showed our hearts out … This show was only for you!

Bundessieger Dortmund

2015 Posted on Sat, October 17, 2015 22:44:41


We started in the junior class … Paparazzi did a great job … but it didnt help we got just a very good 4 … wrong coat. His judge critics reads like a dream … till the notice “excellent dog but absolutely unacceptable coat”. Now we get to know the other side of the medaille too… We love our Swedish leprechaun anyway. Wrong coat or not.

We used the opportunity and made the eye-check. Result: Paparazzi is free of all hereditary eye diseases.

Paparazzis HD result

2015 Posted on Tue, October 13, 2015 16:08:04


✰✰✰ Wooooohooohoooo … As happy as can be ✰✰✰

Our swedish leprechaun has HD B hips!!!!

DE+VDH+PL JunCH Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi (2014-09-16)
Sire: MultiCH Extra´s Esquire *Diesel*
Dam: SE UCH, DK UCH, KBHV-2013 Tejarpsdalens Nike *Doris*

Tons of stones fell down … Champagner for everyone

Anita, Peter and Malin thanks for that gorgeous guy and for all your support, trust and wonderful friendship.

VDH Junior Champion

2015 Posted on Fri, September 25, 2015 12:16:36

Woooohoooo now it is official … our Paparazzi is VDH Junior Champion.

DE + VDH + PL JunCH, German Junior Winner Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi *16-09-2014*

Sire: C.I.B., SEUCH, DKUCH, NOUCH, KBHV-12, KBHV-13, DKV-13, DKV-14 Extra´s Esquire

Dam: SE UCH, DK UCH, KBHV-2013 Tejarpsdalens Nike

Paparazzi turned 1 today

2015 Posted on Thu, September 17, 2015 00:46:54


Our priceless Paparazzi turned 1 today. Time goes by way to fast! He still makes us laugh everyday with his kooky personality! Paparazzi …. it means pure joy, endless entertainment, unconditional love, goofiness, wheaten greetings, wet nose-slobbery kisses & bed hogging …

Thank you for all the laughter, love and craziness you bring to our family on a daily bases … Would not have it any other way!

Happy 1 year Barkday to our most precious furry muppet! And thank you so much Anita & Peter for that most handsome, naughtiest and most hilarious guy. We love him more every blessed day he is with us …

Happy birthday to all his siblings Kenzo, Tilda, Lykke, Senja, Daisy & Frida

Junior Winner Leipzig & German Junior Winner

2015 Posted on Wed, August 26, 2015 14:17:42


Back home from a lovely and successful weekend in Leipzig. Paparazzi had the pleasure to be showed the very first time with his father MultiCH Extra´s Esquire and his grandfather Wheaten Rebel´s Like an Irish Lord in the same ring. And he did great!

2 x EXC1 in the Junior Class, 2 x BOB Junior and 2 x (adult) BOB.

★ Junior Winner Leipzig 2015 ★

★ German Junior Winner 2015 ★

…. and he completed his 3rd Junior Champion title in only 2 months … the VDH Junior Champion.

We couldn´t be more proud!!!!!

KfT Junior Champion

2015 Posted on Thu, July 30, 2015 13:19:16

Woooohoooo now it is official … our Paparazzi is KfT Junior Champion (DE Jun.CH).

PL Jun.CH & DE Jun.CH Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi *16-09-2014*
Sire: C.I.B., SEUCH, DKUCH, NOUCH, KBHV-12, KBHV-13, DKV-13, DKV-14 Extra´s Esquire
Dam: SE UCH, DK UCH, KBHV-2013 Tejarpsdalens Nike

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